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"Oneiros is a magical amalgamation of synth genres that really does take you on a journey of sensations"

  • Ashley Keegan - Forged in Neon

'Contemporary and evolutionary synthpop for adults featuring lush cinematic arps, hard-thumping beats, emotive vocals and progressive songwriting structures'

“the tracks (all of them) are soulful and meaningful, and there are hooks and melodies throughout that can make you feel melancholic and euphoric at the same time. Honey Beard's latest work will garner high praise from all who listen to it.”

  • Julian Green - Nightride FM


“if you’re looking for vocal synthwave that hits hard, with maximum emotional intensity, has epic breakdowns, solid sound design, and is fun to dance to, then look no further. Honey Beard’s Whispers of Light delivers all of that and then some.”

  • Cobra Commander: Retro Danger Zone


“Whispers of Light feels like a grown-up EP, it showcases a straight faced approach to songwriting, and bleeds an authenticity that cuts across the 80s decade from early new wave and even a deep dive into late 80s house. I would urge a purchase, and something tells me Honey Beard will be an act to catch live too.”

  • Rob Dyson: Forever Synth


“The combination of the emotional punch of the lyrics with the driving beats, drifting pads and sounds that sometimes soar, and sometimes touch the depths, make Whisper of Light an enjoyable listening experience.”

  • Karl Magi: Spinditty

"Honey Beards live shows are furious affairs that will leave you wanting more" - 

  • Click it Ticket - ' Top 15 Very Cool Bands You Must See Live This Year'

"Sleek, melancholy, and thumping electronic pop track full of subtlety and restraint" 

  • Silent Shout 

"Take a listen to Honey Beard, a Toronto-based electronic duo who sound like MGMT had they been British and weaned on early 80s techno-pop" 

  • Alan Cross (Edge 102.1)

"there's a thousand million things to like about Honey Beard"

  • Stephanie Hughes (Razmataz Magazine)

“Honey Beard create beautiful melodic tapestries on which to ride the senses and imagination, while maintaining a touch of vintage”

  • Robbie Tee (Jamsphere)

“Honey Beard is Toronto’s best kept secret in electronic pop”

  • Stephen Vincino (

“Honey Beard does an elegant job infusing pop musing with intuitive, classic electronic stylings”

  • Brett Stewart (The Independent Spotlight)

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