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Black Skies

Single (2020)


Dont know where im going

in the darkness of the light

and as far, as the eye can see

is the darkness, thats inside of me


Black Skies, it fills my mind

Black Skies, it fills my eyes

Black Skies

Half Life
Oneiros (2021)
hold me now one more time
mouth is full of god and brine
you prayed you wouldn’t see this day

I just want to go to sleep
ever since we hit the deep
but I’m just counting endless days

Half Life

Hold me down one more time
drown the life out of my eyes
i don’t want to stay here in vain

The poison of the left and right
the virtue in their scorn and spite
please close the door and turn out the lights

Half Life
High up in the thermosphere
caught between my hopes and dreams
A thousand million lonely years


Until Summer
Oneiros (2021)
face of death is full of stars
can someone tell me where they are
can some set me free to the dark

Until Summer
oh the light now shines longer
the ice is now a song bird
i am full of summer ease
final dreams are made of these

Oh i can’t wait till the summer

I can feel the grass warm on my feet
i can feel the star kissing on my cheek
i can hear the children playing on the swing
i can see the end of days has come for me

oh i can’t wait till the summer

Give me Life

Oneiros (2021)
Tearing me up and inside out, terror
holding me down in the underneath, horror

Keep the light on, keep the light on for me
ill break free from this deep sleep

River of fire is shallow here, hold on
If you can shine a light for me, hold on

Keep the light on, keep the light on for me
ill tear free from beneath me


Slipstream of a

Oneiros (2021)
Where am i?
silver in my eyes, slowly floating by
Take a drink sip of the slipstream
and let the river flow
Hypnos, we float
unburden me of memory

slowly floating by

too much pain in memory
the shades of death will never know

Silver in my eyes, haven’t paid the price

Pain in memory, River wash it clean
Pain in memory, the shades of death will never know

to oblivion, to oblivion
to oblivion, forever will the river run

Like A Fire

Whispers of Light (2019)

And i watch you from afar

from the deep cold beneath

and you light up the night like a star

free of form and out of reach

Like A Fire

This is Forever

Whispers of Light (2019)


Heart is broke, thought I would never, give it one more try 

If this is a lie, then kiss me good bye, this is forever 


We donʼt know where lovers go when they kiss for the last time

We donʼt know when blood runs cold, can we ever come back 


One more time into the fire, leave it all behind me

If this breaks for both our sakes, bury me beside you 


Heart is broke likely forever, this just one time

If you should die then see you tonight

This is forever

Cross My Heart

Whispers of Light (2019)


All the secrets in my life have come to terrorize All my wrongs have come to right as they form a line 


Hold me down, burn me in the fire i, i will not die

Drag me out at the lowest tide I, I will not die 


Slowly but surely, sun is arising and i lose my high

Offer my being, ritual cleaning just to dance all night

Canʼt you see we do these things just to stay alive

To remind me, Iʼm a fool, afraid to die 



I'm not a man, I'm nothing now

So cross my heart and hope to die, i , i hope to die 


The snake has bitten its tail, I was always doomed to fail, i, i will not die

My hands they bleed, but the blades are clean,

i , i will not die 


Oh baby, isnt it like me, to fall again

Just to save me, before i cross the line

Dark Tides
Oneiros (2021)
Caught in the slip of no reason
Stretched to the thinnest horizon
Between the black skies, the dark tides
Caught in the wake of denial
Stretched to the point of survival
Treading the dark tides, the dark tides

Dark tides Dark tides bode black skies
Dark Tides bode black skies

Cut off my hands for the demons
Payment for reaching is treason
Reaching for demons, My demons
Biding my time for the black skies
Leaving what’s mine for the dark tides
Let them collide, collide.

Dark tides bode black skies


Free of Form
Oneiros (2021)
Were golden passages of bright light
and we dance on the edge of a Friday Night
Contorting to the morning light

We don’t all
make it back home at night
We don’t all
make it to the bright white light

We are all, falling since the day were born
and I’m lost in a cosmic thunderstorm
wishing i was fire free of form

We don’t all
make it back home at night
We don’t all
make it to the bright white light

The Horror
Oneiros (2021)
Cover your eyes
Cover your eyes

oh inner child, don’t cry, please don’t cry
oh my, hear me, i beg you, to cover
To cover, to cover, to cover, cover

Cover, cover, your eyes
the horror, the horror, of life

To cover, your eyes
your eyes,
the lies, the flies, the lies

Rot Away
Oneiros (2021)
Hold out your arm, i am falling
and i am so very broken

can you light the fire
when were under water
can you hear
the bloated residents
of that situation
underneath the sea
I’m not here to fall
I’m not here to rot away
to rot away
oh no, my darling

Away! im not going to rot away
to rot away, to rot away
oh im not going to rot away
oh im not gonna run away
im not gonna run away
run away, run away
no im not going to, to leave you
in my darkness

in the darkness
the darkness
where they all rot away
where they all rot away

Under The Ferris Wheel

Whispers of Light (2019)


Another fine summer day, and were rollin

Chillin at the Arcade, and were scoping



Look out the boys have come

wish i could have stayed but i got to run 


Get away, Run home Let me lie

Dont Wait too long, dont ask me why 


Under the Ferris wheel at night, and were drinking Summer crush behind the lights, I see her looking



Nowhere to run, and the boys have finally got me Beat me to cry and my body stains the sand 



Get away, Run Home Let me Lie

Dont Wait too Long That boy has died

Full of Stars

Whispers of Light (2019)


I went too far, i went beyond where i was thinkin

i flew too high, escaped the place where i was sinking

I'm out of sight, I'm in the space beyond the sky

but now i realise, i might never get back to you 


Please Dont Leave Me Out here alone in the dark 


I faced the stars, the face of death is full of stars

I felt like new, but now i feel bereft without you

A sudden calm, has given way to frantic panic because i realise, i may never get back to you 


Please Dont Leave Me Out here alone in the dark



I never knew, the things i had and ran away when things were bad, i see the lines the billions of lines leading me here, bringing me back to you

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